The Blessings of Obedience

If you read my last writing, “The Luggage Rack Man,” you will have a better understanding of where this story originates. If you haven’t, let me just say that I had been given an opportunity by God to be in His will, and I had chosen to be out of His will and in my own will. Which reminds me of a book I was just reading that said something to this effect; we can know when we are in the will of God by being completely willing to be in the will of God. Not a direct quote, but close. After writing the last story about disobedience, I wanted to follow up with a more inspirational one!

I was at the end of my visit in Florida, having been there compliments of a wonderful invitation to speak at a ladies tea. All went well, Praise God, and I would soon be heading back to California. I was staying with my friend. She has a neighbor who recently had a leg amputated. I felt God prompting me one night to go and talk with him. The very next morning I again felt prompted to go pay him a visit. That morning we were talking about those who were not able to make it to the tea, and we were reading in Luke 14 about the Great Feast that so many had been invited to, but gave excuses why they couldn’t be there. I continued to read further down in Luke where his master told the man to then go out into the streets of the city and invite the crippled and lame, etc… Yes, God, I hear You Loud and Clear! I KNEW I was not going to ignore talking to the neighbor—not after missing an opportunity in the airport on my way to Florida. I shared this with another friend we were having lunch with. She knew what I had to do. I knew what I had to do. I had two days to do it!

We were all coming home from lunch later that day, in two cars, and the first car down the street was the friend I had shared this with. When she passed the house where the crippled man lived, she saw him and his wife were out front. She knew I would have to stop. Along we came, just a minute or so behind her, and my friend and I saw them out front, too—she asked me if I wanted to stop? OF COURSE I DID! We pulled up, and I opened the door as she called out “Hi” to them. At least they knew I was with her, and not just some stranger. I got out and greeted them both, letting them know that God had put them on my heart…that He loved them, and He cared about them. The husband was not all that interested in my visit, but his wife truly was. She was touched that God had sent me to them, and when I left after just a brief visit, she asked me to come back and see her next time I am in Florida. I surely will!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we might not always see the final results of our obedience when God is asking us to do something, but most times we will sense the Divine peace of being in His will. We will also Notice that there is great joy even when we are called out of our comfort zone in doing it. I don’t normally walk up to strangers in that way. But when called to, and seeing it confirmed in God’s Word about the master instructing the man to do the same, I knew what I needed to do, and did it! Praise Jesus!