Blessings come from God. But God uses His people, most times, to pass them along. A friend of mine recently turned 60! To celebrate, she put out a request. She wanted all those who knew her, to pay it forward…to do something nice for someone in honor of her birthday, and then let her know. She longed to hear at least 60 nice things that had been done for others in this world. When I had lunch with her the other day, she was well on her way to the 60 blessings from God, through others!

This brought to mind a blessing that came to our family close to 30 years ago. Our boys were very young, and our budget was very tight. One day, while playing out in front of the apartment building where we lived in Alameda, our oldest son found a $20 bill in a bush! We all remember that day very well as a family! Why? Because, the $20 blessed us all with a trip into San Francisco on BART, and a tasty ice cream treat! That would have been unheard of considering our income at that time. Today such a trip would cost at least $75 for a family of five!

In reliving this story once again tonight during a phone conversation with our son, Jimm, he enlightened us with what he remembered from that day. He said he couldn’t be sure, but he remembers finding the $20 bill, and then looking around to see who it might belong to. If his memory is correct, he said there was an older lady standing quite far off in the distance watching him. Jimm always wondered if she had put it there for someone to find…and maybe she even had our boys in mind when she placed it there. God, who of course knew our financial struggles during those years, may have used her to bless us all!

Jimm reminded us that we had asked him what he’d like to do with the money…take a trip to the toy store, or share it with all of us by using it for a trip into San Francisco for ice cream? He chose the city for ice cream. I believe because of that, we all remember the $20 gift that day. Jimm was paying it forward, by sharing his blessing with all of us. If he had chosen a personal toy on that day, I wonder, would we all still remember this blessing?

The Bible says, You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We’ve all heard that quote many times, even if we haven’t heard much else in God’s Word. It is so true that it feels so good to “get,” but it feels even better yet to “give.”

When Searching And Noticing the Divine today, let’s be a part of helping those who are searching for God, to find Him. Let’s allow God to work through us to bless others! It could very well be a day that will be noticed for the rest of their lives!