A Beach Towel?

When we ask God a question, and He answers us, we should listen. But many times, we don’t. Why? Because we don’t really believe that we can do that. Do what? Ask God a question and actually get an answer!! We usually think it’s just a voice in our head talking nonsense! And maybe sometimes it is, but sometimes…it’s NOT!!

My sister had a birthday recently. I call her my much-younger sister, not only because she is, but because she calls me her much-older sister! It’s all done affectionately, and I don’t mind at all. Why? Because it’s the truth! I am almost ten years older than she is, and that’s just fine! First one to Heaven wins!! Anyway, lest I digress… I asked God what I should get Karen for her birthday. And it seemed He said, “A beach towel.” Uh, really? I’m not sure I like that idea, or that she will like it. That’s not the normal gift I would get her…shouldn’t I look for something different? These were the thoughts going through my mind… And then it seemed I heard God again. “Don’t ask Me if you’re not going to listen to Me.” Well, okay! A beach towel it is!!

I’m not much of a shopper. But I do like a store that has good deals, so I headed to one of my favorites. I looked over the beach towels and got the colorful one for Karen. She likes COLOR! I decided to get her one other gift to go with it. Upon arriving at her home, Karen started to unwrap her package. The non-beach towel gift came out first. It was a planter with a water faucet on it. Hard to picture, I know, but she liked it. She thought she was finished. But I let her know there was something else in the bag, so she dug deeper and pulled out the beach towel! And what did she say? “I need one of these! Mine is old and faded, and this will encourage me to keep going to the pool for my exercise classes!” I laughed, and shared how I had asked God what to get for her! She opened the closet, pulled out her pool bag, which was a bright pink, and placed her new multi-colored, including bright pink, towel right inside it!! She had just been shopping and bought a snorkel, but hadn’t picked up a towel as yet. God knew that!! I just needed to listen! “...when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea...” James 1:6 (NLT)

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, let’s not be so quick to dismiss that voice in our head as our own. It very well could be God answering the question we just asked Him. I try to remind my little granddaughter, Laila, to listen for Jesus. I tell her Jesus will help her when she is struggling. One day, she had gotten into trouble. I looked at her—she knew I was thinking, “Were you listening for Jesus, Laila?” (I didn’t voice it.) But I did ask her what had happened? With her head hung, she said, “I think Jesus went to sleep.” Too funny!! But truth be told, Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps. Psalm 121:4 (NLT) Let’s keep listening for Jesus!! He is with us always!!