Are We Really Alone?

Are we really alone, or are we isolating ourselves? This is a question I am pondering after returning home from the grocery store just now. I talked with a new friend in the parking lot, a woman I recently met at church in a Bible study group. That made me think about another lady I met from that same group at the donut shop the other day. Then I was talking to a woman I know who attended her friend’s church this last Sunday. She had not been to church in quite a long time. But because her heart is hurting, her friend had been inviting her over and over to come to church. She finally decided it was time. I asked her if what the pastor had to say spoke to her heart. She said, “Oh, yes! He spoke about love.” And not only that, when she and her friend were sitting together having coffee after the service, the pastor came over and spent some time with them. He prayed for my friend. Her friend said he had never done that with her before. My friend felt so loved on by God that she plans to attend church again this Sunday, looking for more of God’s nurturing during this difficult time in her life. Which brings me back to the question, “Are we really alone, or are we isolating ourselves?”

I read something today that told how to make a right decision, and how to make a worldly decision. It said one way to make a right decision is, “Go find discerning people, they’re not looking for you.” That struck me. They’re not looking for us? It seemed harsh, but it made sense. We can sit and wonder why no one is looking to help us…and the truth is it’s because they aren’t. It may be sad, but it is true. We are the ones who have to make a move out of the pit. As my friend said who went to church, “I have to do this. No one is going to do it for me.” When we are feeling alone, we want the world to rush in and help us...and they will, eventually. But it’s usually after we make our own effort toward others—like joining a Bible study, attending church, or seeking a mentor. As one friend so wisely put it, “We have to let others know when we’re hurting. They don’t always know what’s going on in our life. God ALWAYS knows, but for Him to help us, we have to open our hearts and listen.” We have to walk into a place where discerning people are available, and make ourselves available to them. God doesn’t force His way into our lives, and others usually won’t either.

I’ve lived in the town I’m in for just over two years. Up until a few months back, I didn’t see anyone I knew when I went to the grocery store, the movies, or even church. I hadn’t made myself available to others here. I knew it was a choice I was making. I was just being sort of lazy in that way. But when I got “un-lazy,” things changed. Now I see people I know when I go out. And what dawned on me today in the grocery store is that they were always’s just that I hadn’t chosen to really be there yet.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, won’t we find that’s true of God, too? He is always there, but we may not be really there with Him, yet. God is waiting for us to show up in our relationship with Him, so that Jesus can show up in our lives. When we do, we will start to notice He is everywhere we go. We will find we are not alone, because we never really were!