A Hug and the Nail

Don’t we wonder sometimes why God asks us to do certain things? We don’t see it clearly when He asks, and sometimes we don’t see it clearly after it is done, but sometimes...maybe we do.

Recently a friend of mine, Lynn, seemed to be prompted by God to visit a friend’s mom in a nearby nursing home. It seemed she was just to go and give the woman a hug. That sounded reasonable, who doesn’t need a hug? But it was an act of obedience because driving a half hour to give a hug takes that. There are always other things clamoring for our time, aren’t there? But Lynn usually chooses obedience. She has learned that God has good reasons for what He asks, even when she doesn’t fully understand.

When Lynn arrived at the nursing home, she saw the usual sights…the elderly asleep in their wheelchairs and beds. I’m sure a few greeted her as she walked down the hall. In caring for my dad these days, I have noticed that it seems we start to leave this world in the same fashion we came in…we sleep a lot, just like newborn babies do in the beginning. It seems to be the rotation of life. Lynn eventually arrived at the room where she was to be. She entered in, greeting the woman who was so surprised to see her! She remembered her name, calling her Lynnie. Sweet! She then asked “Lynnie” what she was doing there? And Lynn told her she had just come to give her a hug. She welcomed it, gladly. The elderly lady in the bed next to her also remembered Lynn from previous visits, and she asked Lynn if she would do her a small favor. She had a fingernail that needed tending to. She had asked multiple times if the staff could trim it for her, but it hadn’t been taken care of yet. Of course Lynn agreed to trim it for her, and also checked all her other nails, trimming them and filing them.

Here’s what I’m pondering…if God had asked Lynn to drive 30 minutes to trim a nail, would she have responded in the same way as being asked to go and give a hug? Maybe so…but maybe not. And yet, God knew the needs of both women, and He tended to both through Lynn. If you have ever had a nail that was snagging everything and had no way of trimming it, you know how annoying it can be. So does our Lord! And He loves us so very much that He will call on a faithful servant to get in her car and drive over to take care of it.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we have to remember that God notices everything! And He searches the workers to see who is willing to tend to the harvest. Are we willing? Are we available when He calls? Jesus humbled Himself and washed feet, and we read about it and talk about it to this day. I wonder what humble acts of service we will be talking about throughout all of eternity in Heaven?

When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place.
John 13:12 (NIV)